Steel Mill

Steel Mill

The Steel Mill, one of the important milestones of İzmir Demir Çelik A.Ş. established in 1975, was commissioned in 1987.

Our steel mill, where steel scraps are melted and refined, and the steel is turned into billets with a continuous casting machine, has an annual production capacity of 1,500,000 tons.


Our Steel Mill is comprised of 5 sections:

  • Scrap Yard
  • Electric Arc Furnace
  • Crucible Furnace
  • Refractory Preparation Unit
  • Continuous Casting Machines

The liquid steel produced in the electric arc furnace is alloyed in the crucible furnace in accordance with production standards and customer demands. The liquid steel approved by the quality control department, is then shaped in the form of billet or bloom in continuous casting machines and transferred to the rolling mills.


The Billets produced in the Steel Mill:

For the Rod Rolling Mill:

  • Billet Section: 150x150 mm
  • Billet Length: 8-14 m
  • Steel Type: Medium Carbon Steel

For the Medium Profile Rolling Mill:

  • Billet Section: 150x150, 180x180, 220x220 and 220x280 mm 
  • Billet Length: 4.5-12 m
  • Steel Type: Low Alloy and Medium Carbon Structural Steel