Rolling Mill

Rolling Mill

The Rolling Mill, which has an annual product capacity of 900,000 tons, is four-way and fully continuous, and can produce according to the controlled cooling process with the two-to-two splitting process.

High strength "Ribbed Rebar" is produced in the rolling mill in sizes between 8 and 40 mm.

Billet iron that we produce or buy in our steel mill are used by annealing in the annealing furnace.

İDÇ products are produced according to the following national and international standards and special customer demands.

  • TS 708:2016   
  • DIN 488:2009     
  • ASTM A615:2020      
  • ASTM A706:2016      
  • BS 4449:2005+A3    
  • BS 4449:2005+A3 App. 1N        
  • ISO 6935-2:2019        
  • CS2:2012                     
  • SS 560:2016 and other standards

General Features of the Rolling Mill;

  • Walking Base Annealing Furnace
  • Monoblock Benches
  • Slit System
  • Heat Treatment Process
  • Hairpin Process