The Quality Policy of İzmir Demir Çelik Sanayi A.Ş. is set on the axis of the following essential principles:
  • Leading and promoting İDÇ personnel for commitment to quality, for establishing cooperation, and for comprehension of team spirit and total improvement.

  • Striving for the highest level of customer satisfaction and maintaining its continuity,

  • Ensuring the most competitive product and service quality and maintaining its continuity,

  • Relying on that, the success and the future of the company depends on increasing the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by continuous improvement and development and excessive striving for this goal.

The Quality Objectives of İDÇ Management are based on these principles:
  • Ensuring the improvement of İDÇ personnel at all levels by means of training and education programs and monitoring/measurement activities for making them conscious of quality knowledge, for its application and continuous improvement.

  • Establishing, maintaining, monitoring and continuous improvement of the communication between İDÇ personnel at all levels. Establishing the proposal and evaluation mechanism for improvement and development by means of encouragement of the commitment at all levels.

  • Establishing, maintaining and developing quality policies in order to ensure the complete fulfillment of international standards, specifications, customer requirements and İDÇ specs.

  • Review of all production and service processes in determined periods in order to identify the needs for improvement and development. Establishing programs for improvement and development and for supplying resource needs.

Considering the measurement, analysis and improvement philosophy; monitoring, measuring and evaluation of the following data bearing on objective criteria;
  • Process management and corrective/preventive action data

  • Internal and third party audit results

  • Customer requirements, complaints and satisfaction data

  • Supplier evaluation data,

  • Management review data